Moomba Boat Cruises Melbourne

moomba cruise boat for hire, private trips- skippered or self-drive


We’ve got the ultimate luxury cruise to coincide with Melbourne’s Moomba festival. Take a trip on the Yarra River- see the fireworks, enjoy the sights of Moomba and be part of all the fun. Moomba is Australia’s largest free community festival held annually in the city of Melbourne. It is a four day long event and takes place from Friday to the second Monday in March.

Moomba has a historical and cultural importance in reference to Melbourne. The festival has been held every year since 1955 and the regular attendance goes up to a million people. The festival was renamed in the year 2003 by the name of Melbourne Moomba Water Fest. The activities of the festival are centred on the river Yarra, with water sports gaining the most significant public attention. To give you an essence of what exactly Moomba is and how much it is important to the culture and history of the city of Melbourne, Melbourne Boat Hire are offering to take customers on a special cruise along the Yarra river to experience and see the water sports upfront from a close view.

The trip will include a luxurious cruise including lunch and dinner if you want, and will drive you through the waters to places where the water sports shows will be on display. You can also hire a personal private boat to drive yourself to the water sports region and check out the fun activities yourself. Melbourne Boat Hire have high class and luxurious boats and offer a guarantee over unmatchable customer service.

The experience of watching the Moomba Water Fest so close in front of your eyes is a surreal experience and is guaranteed to make you come back for more each year. And Melbourne Boat Hire is ready to make your dreams come true and give you an unforgettable experience through the waters of the Yarra River. Don’t just keep reading this, but get yourself booked for a cruise of your choice or a self drive boat hire and don’t waste the amazing chance to witness the festival so closely. Our spots are limited and get hired very quickly during the holidays and the festival seasons. Get yourself a boat as soon as you can so that you can see for yourself what all the hype about Moomba in Melbourne is really about.