Our Sustainability Commitment

Melbourne Boat Hire is committed to minimising the impact of our operations on the environment. The earth’s environment is under severe stress from uncontrolled human activity, threatening the survival of our society and the performance of Melbourne Boat Hire’s mission.

We buy and employ locally, recycle and support our community – this is our commitment to our business and the area we do business in sustainably. Our goal is to operate in an ecologically sustainable manner by minimising our impact on the environment by reducing waste and the use of energy and resources.


Our Sustainability Practises

Identify, strive and promote to achieve best environmental practice in our daily operations

Utilise a fleet of electric powered vessels which minimise impact, no fumes, no noise and reduces risk of petroleum spills into waterways

Recycle as much waste as possible

Ensure waste water onboard vessels is disposed of correctly

Participate in helping cleaning our waterways and environment

Minimise the use of paper wherever possible. For example, all our hire agreements and operational documents are online-based

Work with suppliers who promote environmentally-friendly practices where possible

Provide an environmentally sound workplace, and progressively implement a range of environmentally-friendly work practices

Keep energy use low. For example, we use low energy LED lighting in our office

Dispose of food scraps from catering into our compost bin

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