Discover the Maribyrnong River's Scenic Beauty

Step into serenity with a relaxing cruise on the Maribyrnong River, where Melbourne’s skyline and natural beauty await. Discover a host of attractions along the way, catering to all interests, from outdoor adventures to artistic inspirations.

Experience the gentle flow of the river as you pass historical bridges, jetties, and scenic spots like Footscray Park and Flemington Racecourse. Indulge in a picnic or BBQ amidst picturesque parklands at Fairbairn Park and Maribyrnong Park, where specially appointed facilities await.

Nature enthusiasts will find bliss in Newell’s Paddock, a serene wetland reserve teeming with birdlife and other captivating creatures. Birdwatchers can spot over eighty bird species, including herons, cormorants, swans, and more. Don’t miss the Heavenly Queen Temple, adorned with a majestic 16-meter high golden statue of Mazu.

For a cultural family outing, immerse yourself in Pipemaker’s Park, a historic pipe-making industrial site transformed into a peaceful wetland oasis. Delve into the rich heritage of western Melbourne and the Maribyrnong River at the Living Museum of the West, hosting self-guided tours, exhibitions, and engaging activities. Relax in the pioneer women’s shelter or enjoy a delightful picnic or barbeque in this rejuvenating haven.

Sites to Discover on Your Meribyrnong Cruise

Commercial Port

Historic Bridges

Footscray Park

Flemington Racecourse

Edgewater Lake

Boat House

Pier 35

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