Melbourne Comedy Festival

Boat Hire Yarra River Comedy Festival in Melbourne

We’ve got some great cruises and transfers available during the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Enjoy a traffic-free experience throughout the event, by chartering a private cruise or water taxi. Take the river route and see the sights as you take in the fun.

The Melbourne International Comedy Festival, commonly referred to as the MICF, is the world’s third largest comedy festival in the world and the largest cultural display festival in Australia. It is an annual event that takes place on a span of four week, usually starting in March and going on till April. The MICF being an international festival, had over 400 shows and more than 6000 performances by 2228 artists in 2014.

The performances are shown all over the city during the four weeks of the festival. The festival hosts local and international stars and artists. Since the event is held in the city of Melbourne, it is customary for Melbourne Boat Hire to offer pickups and transfers from all destinations along the Yarra river for Australians and tourists who wish to attend the festival and want to avoid the hassle of driving.

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