Boats for Photography, Video and Films

photography cruises in Melbourne

We’re delighted to announce the availablility of our boats for use as photographic, filming or movie-making locations. Shoot your next range of clothing, conduct a photography workshop or utilise the stunning interior of Birrarung as your next film set. A skipper will get you set up with the best backgrounds of city skyline, ports or parklands along the Yarra or Maribyrnong Rivers.

Use our private luxury boat as a film set for your next movie- whether you need a single scene- or plan to shoot a series of takes. You can dress the set with variety to make it look like different locations were used. Vary the positioning of the boat on the river for a different background. Move from the tall buildings out to the docks. Boats provide stunning locations for story-telling, mystery, suspense or travel themed creative work.

The Deck can be hired in conjunction with any of our boats. The platform can house tripods, boom arms dollies and more. This means the talent can be on board a boat, and filmed from a range of angles- using panning or sliders independent of the vessel which is the set. Get a bigger range of scenes to work with, by having the flexibility of an independent motorized filming platform.

Boats can be used as film or locations for photos when it rains. Plan your model shoot, product photography or filming and be confident that the weather won’t bring a halt to your plans. Birrarung has ample space for talent, cameraman, boom operator and an editor. There’s an area for the makeup artist to set up and ample space for wardrobe.

Consider boats for filming and photography when next you need to scout a location which offers everything.

private boats for rental as photo studios or film sets
boats available for use as filming locations
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