Halloween Boat Cruises

boat hire for halloween in melbourne

Enjoy one of our Melbourne boat cruises on the Yarra River during Halloween. Play trick or treat, as your skipper takes you on a trip along the waterways of Melbourne during sundown. Share novelties on a chartered boat cruise, or put on a mask and be the captain, aboard one of our self-drive hire boats. You don’t need a licence- but you’ll benefit from bringing your sense of humour aboard.

Halloween is a holiday observed on the 31st of October. It is celebrated in a number of countries around the world, with people dressing up as their favourite cartoon, movie or comic character and knocking up neighbourhood doors asking for “Trick or Treat”. The concept of halloween is mostly limited to kids, and very rarely in adults. However, it is still a holiday observed in a lot of countries, including Australia.

So where do the adults go? Well, we at Melbourne Boat Hire offer you chartered special cruises along the Yarra river on holidays like Easter, New year’s eve and halloween. You can hop on the cruise by booking in advance for the trip, and enjoy a cruise of the Yarra river and our other designated destinations that will be a unique experience of a lifetime. The cruises are luxurious and can cater to most of your special needs if you notify us in advance.

Other than this, we also offer personal luxurious boats that you can take up for a self-drive in the river without the necessity of a boat license. The joy of steering your own boat without a lot of limitations and restrictions for the first time is a unique and memorable experience for years to come. At Melbourne Boat Hire, we aim to provide the best services and hence you can also add the option of having an onboard lunch and dinner buffet.

Our boats are luxurious and comfortable at the very least, hence our spots get booked quickly. Its the chance of a lifetime and it makes up for a stressful week or month by giving you a day that is completely and totally your time to enjoy and relax. So if this halloween, you’re planning to leave the kids home to a babysitter and spend some quality time with your significant other half, then make it worth it by hiring a boat at Melbourne Boat Hire or booking a cruise at one of our skippered cruises.

Our services always pull our customers back for another adventure so we promise not to disappoint you.