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The Chinese New Year marks the beginning of the new year in Chinese culture. In the 1850s and 1860s many people of Chinese origin made their way to Australia during the Australian Gold Rush. Of all the people looking for gold in this foreign land, the Chinese formed one third of the total number. Since that time people of Chinese origin integrated themselves into the Australian society. In present time many Chinese-Australian families can trace their origin back to this time.

Like in many other countries, people come out in large numbers regardless of heritage and celebrate the Chinese New Year. The streets are transformed and vibrant displays showcasing art, craft and food of Chinese Origin come out.
The city of Melbourne is never far behind and with it the Yarra River also showcases Chinese culture to celebrate the diversity of the land that is Australia.

We at Melbourne Boat Hire take pride in the fact that we have stayed true to our roots and at the same time we offer complete versatility in the experiences that we offer. In this case, we ensure that any year you put your trust in our hands we will deliver on our promise of making sure you go home with stories to tell your children.
At every Chinese New Year we see that, the fine city of Melbourne brings out its best and all the art, culture and music seems to literally burst out of each and every thing.

Melbourne Boat Hire has a fleet of four luxury boats. Bear in mind that this number will steadily grow. You have the option to charter the boat or have one of our experienced sailors captain the boat for you. In either case, you will enjoy a smooth ride as all our vessels are either hybrid or electric powered which ensures zero impact on the environment and a quiet ride on the waters of Melbourne.

Our boats have a capacity of ten to twelve passengers depending on the number of your guests and the choice of the boat. These factors also impact the price range in which the cruise will fall into. Regardless, all our packages include the local taste in wine and beers and full meal platters.

Limited slots are available for booking.