We are constantly being asked by our customers on return after their hire period, why are our hire boats so easy to drive?

We have a modern fleet of Duffy electric boats which are powered by a power rudder. The power rudder is an ingenious design to make driving and maneuvering a boat simple, easy and safe.

The power rudder consists of a vertical drive motor, which couples to a drive shaft running down the rudder and connects to the propeller. The rudder is connected by cable to the steering wheel.

The power rudder makes boating very easy for all, from beginners with no boating experience at all, to the seasoned boater.

Book with us now to experience boating with ease and confidence.

We make boating on Melbourne’s Yarra River fun for everyone.

Key Power Rudder Features

-100% steering control in reverse
-Can turn boat around on own length
-35% more efficient thrust
-Whisper quite operation
-Proven technology

View the video here