Whether you’re a Melbourne local looking for something different, or a visitor seeking an experience that ticks all the boxes and provides lots of opportunity for trophy photos on social media, our Yarra River Cruise options include Southbank Tours on the water. The river bank is home to many attractions. Flinders Street Station, the Arts Centre, Crown Casino as well as an impressive array of dining and accommodation precincts.

Southbank tours are private- you can book so that only your family or friends are on board. Itineraries can be customised and designed to take in highlights which align with your interests. A unique perspective of Melbourne can only be appreciated from the water. Our eco-friendly quiet electric boats mean no fumes! No noisy distractions- there’s just the lapping of the water, and sounds of the river for you to enjoy.

Knowledgable guides lead our boat trips. Learn about places which would otherwise be hidden to casual visitors. Informative commentary brings your Yarra River Tour to life. There’s lots of time for photos, opportunities to go onshore and explore, as well as the chance to be a boatie- with one of our self-drive boat hire options!

Southbank tours and Yarra River Boat Trips are available on-demand. Popular durations are two hours or three hours. If you need a short tour we can design a trip and show you the best sights of Melbourne’s waterways which can be visited within an hour. Contact us for more information. Boats can be booked for self-drive hire, and no licence is required. Expand your experience and order on-board dining.

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