If you’re looking to attend this year’s Spring Racing Carnival, which is held at Flemington Racecourse and you want to make a stylish entrance, then Melbourne Boat Hire have exactly what you’re looking for, we provide luxury private boat transfers to Flemington to allow you to travel in style. You can book your very own private boat transfer and avail the luxury services that Melbourne Boat Hire offers. It is much more relaxing when you can avoid the crowd and have the option of travelling in total peace and quiet. With a private boat hired from the Melbourne company, you can have the comfort of your own privacy and have no interference from anyone else.

During the Spring Racing Carnival, it is only inevitable that public transport and all other cabs going to Flemington will be overcrowded and services like Uber will drive you around with a surcharge due to unavailability of many cars. So, to avoid any hassle of traffic, surcharge or to have to drive up to Flemington yourself, it is better and much more relaxing to book a private transfer with Melbourne Boat Hire, where you can sit back relax and feel at ease. That said, the entire transfer to Flemington and return will have food and beverages being served onboard the boat.

To book a private Spring Racing transfer, Melbourne Boat Hire have numerous boats available and can cater for 2 to 35 passengers. Our private transfers only cater to customers who have booked. This ensures that there will be no disturbances our customers who want to spend a relaxing time. The private transfer will drop you off right in front of the Flemington Race Track, so you don’t have to face the problem of walking or locating the area. The total trip to and from the racing track in the private boat will be a scenic cruise that will have spectacular views of the city of Melbourne while going along the Maribyrnong river. Travelling by boat will give you the luxury and relaxation that you won’t have to worry about the traffic. On the transfer to Flemington race course, you can soak the view of Melbourne from the Maribyrnong river without having to check for traffic.

The total trip from Melbourne Boat Hire in Docklands to the gates of the Flemington Race Track is a total of 50 minutes, which buys you enough time to analyse your bets for the day and see which horse to bet on. All of this can be done while you’re relaxing and enjoying the journey, especially when it’s on a new boat. Melbourne Boat Hire have all top of the line, luxurious and modern vessels because compromise on quality is a severe issue and the company is against it. So, if you haven’t yet booked a cab or are planning to go on the train or any other means of transport, then forget that and book a private Spring Racing Transfer with Melbourne Boat Hire.

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enjoy stylish travel to Flemington, for the Melbourne Cup this year