New Year’s Fireworks Cruises

New Years Eve of Fireworks on Yarra River Cruises Melbourne

New Year’s Eve is a special occasion. What better way to celebrate the special night than with an indulgent fireworks cruise on the Yarra River. We’ve got the perfect vantage point for seeing the display- and we offer private party cruises too.

The definition of such an occasion translates in to a lot of things which means family, love, bonding, a special someone, friends. It is the time of the year when all is forgotten and everything and everything that is on everyone’s mind is Christmas and the holidays ahead till the actual New Year’s Eve. This holiday is one that is enjoyed by everyone, when they spend the day with friends and family, tuck in for a huge and generous dinner, or go on to visit extended family.

Some folks drive out to the countryside, some go for vacations in a different country, and others on adventure trips. One of these adventure trips, is being offered at Melbourne Boat Hire. Spend New Year’s Eve with us on a special cruise and surf along the river banks to see the celebrations and the Holiday spirit. We’ll take you on a cruise, with a lunch and dinner buffet, to see how Australia is preparing for the time when the clock strikes 12.

Hop on the boat to see and experience the New Year’s Eve fireworks from different areas and have the time of your life. If you feel like spending a private and quiet time with family or just alone, then hire a boat to drive yourself through the river, without requiring a boat license. Not just this, but you can also get someone special a gift card from Melbourne Boat Hire to send them on a skippered New Year’s Eve cruise or for a self-drive boat into the river. This is the opportunity to enjoy an experience of a lifetime that gives you the time you need to relax and enjoy your holidays. Bring out your friends and families.

Book yourself a trip that you and your guests will remember for a long time, and something that will give your mind a revitalised start. And of course, once you’ve experienced this, you surely get a whole lot of bragging rights when you go back to work after the holidays are over.