Blessing of the Fleet Cruises

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Every year, the city of Melbourne celebrates the Blessing of the Fleet festival at Melbourne Docks and Ports. The festival has been brought down through centuries and was originally organised to ensure a safe and bountiful season ahead. We’ve got some great cruises to coincide with this occasion. Select from our range of options which include self-drive hire and skippered cruises. Our vessels are luxurious- and immaculately presented. Be part of this ancient maritime celebration.

The main reason behind celebrating this festival in Melbourne is to celebrate the Australian seaways, the immigration of the masses throughout the world into Australia through the Melbourne port, and to celebrate and pay homage to the arrival of Melbourne’s multi cultural family from all parts of the world. Melbourne Boat Hire will offer cruises designated specifically for this event. Our customers can book their spots on our cruise and we’ll take them on a trip into the Yarra river and the port of Melbourne. All ships will form a flotilla and will sail together to commemorate and celebrate the opening of the water seaways on the port of Melbourne.

We offer luxurious cruises that will have onboard food and bar services for our customers so they can enjoy their food under the Melbourne sun while enjoying the river and port trip. You can also hire a self drive boat for the festival and drive up through the Yarra River to see the huge flotilla formation and check out the remaining ports along the river to see how they celebrate the Blessing of the Fleet festival.

The cruises and boats that we offer are top of the line and exquisitely luxurious, so we guarantee an onboard service that will guarantee you as a loyal customer for us. Our hospitality is evident due to the huge fan base that we have and we assure you that your money will not be wasted at all. Our cruises and boats have very limited spots, specially for an event that requires all kinds of boats.

So don’t just waste your time but go ahead and book yourself and your friends and families a memorable trip aboard our luxurious cruises and boats. We promise to make you remember this trip in good terms once you’re back, and also hope that you’ll guarantee us a visit each year, because that’s what our service is all about.