With the initial and then ongoing expense of owning a boat and the little amount you actually use, why bother with owning and why not start hiring?

With the option to hire our boats 365 days a year, it makes good sense to simply hire then buy and cruise Melbourne’s waterways hassle and stress free at an affordable price.

An added advantage also is you can self-drive hire our boats without the requirement for a boat license.

Here are some of examples of the costs involved in owing a boat;

  • Boat purchase price
  • Yearly Insurance
  • Yearly berthing / storage fees
  • Cleaning
  • Maintenance
  • Operating
  • Registration
  • Safety Equipment maintenance

Here are some examples of the hassles involved with owning a boat;

  • Putting in and out of water
  • Cleaning
  • Preparing for each voyage
  • Refueling
  • Maintaining
  • Repairing

With our boat hire in Melbourne, get treated like a VIP, simply book your preferred date and time, step onboard and cast off on your way, and then at the end of your boat hire, return the boat and simply step off. We do all the cleaning.

Everything is provided onboard from sound system, glassware, cutlery and plates all you need to bring is your food and beverages – and we can even arrange this for you.

Why not try you next boat hire in Melbourne with us, contact us to discuss.

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